If after your purchase you decide to cancel before shipping, just let us know via email or phone, and we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

If you request a refund after your order ships, you can return it to us at your cost, and we will refund your purchase price minus the shipping, provided all items returned are in the same condition as when mailed to you.

If you receive your items with any damage, please take several photos and email to contact@moneytreepublishing.com. This can happen, but it is quite rare.

All orders are shipped same or next day via USPS, either via Media Mail® or Priority Mail®, with Media Mail® typically arriving in less than a week, but sometimes longer, and Priority Mail® many times experiencing similar delivery times, although USPS claims delivery will occur in 1-3 business days. Both services include a tracking number, which is emailed when the label is created.

Delivery times of non-U.S. orders are dictated not by USPS, but by the applicable customs and mail service of the destination country. It typically takes a week or two to deliver to most non-U.S. addresses, although it can take a lot longer, especially when there are strikes, like recently happened in the UK with Royal Mail. It can also be delivered a lot faster, as we have seen packages ship from Florida to the UK and be delivered in 4 days.

We will never sell any of your information—email, name, address, etc.—to anyone, ever.