The War Against Whites

The Racial Psychology Behind the Anti-White Hatred Sweeping the West

Softcover • 6” X 9” • 290 pages
B&W: 75 images

A dramatic and penetrating study which reveals Black Lives Matter ideologues do not seek “racial equality” but rather the total destruction of Whites and their civilization—and are driven by a deep, underlying mass psychosis which falsely blames Whites for all problems encountered by nonwhites trying to fit into a First World society.

Dealing forthrightly and fearlessly with the unalterable genetic traits—IQ, character, psychology, and behavior—which are the true causes of racial disparities in crime, socioeconomic status, education, and health—this book conclusively refutes the claim that “systemic racism,” a code word for “blame Whitey,” is the cause of nonwhite failure to achieve parity in White nations around the globe.

Starting with a complete review of the George Floyd incident—which, using medical and scientific records, conclusively shows that Floyd died from a narcotic overdose and not police restraint—this work is a must read!

With 473 footnotes, fully referenced from authoritative sources only, including dozens of scientific papers and studies, three tables, and fully indexed.