The Official Anthology

Softcover • 8.5” X 11” • 532 pages

Contains every Siege monthly newsletter & insert—from August 1980 to June 1986—in color!

Siege with autographed bookplate

Page 1 of the first newsletter as it looks in the book

Every copy comes with a complimentary autographed bookplate, signed by James Mason, and a color Siege bookmark!

Siege The Official Anthology autographed bookplate

James N. Mason’s autographed (signed by the author in February 2024) bookplate printed on 5.5” × 8.5” high-quality paper.


This book may get you locked up
just for possessing it!*

If you believe what the Lügenpresse (German for “lying press,” today’s “fake news”) says about James Mason, you would think he was another Adolf Hitler . . . or maybe even Satan himself!

After growing disillusioned with the mass movement approach of neo-Nazi movements, Mason, an American neo-Nazi—referred to as the “Godfather of Fascist Terrorism”—began advocating for a White supremacist revolution through terrorism in the pages of his infamous monthly newsletter Siege.

In 2021, Mason was one of only two individuals placed by the Canadian government on its list of terror-related entities. Since 2023, Siege is banned in the Russian Federation as extremist material.

Inside Siege: The Official Anthology is the truth, the truth the Regime does not want you to know, for they fear Mason’s words could awaken those leaders of the White race (whoever they are) who have had enough of the Anglo-Zionist Empire’s destruction of their people and are ready to fight back.

This anthology of newsletters—which “has attained cult status within neo-Nazi circles”—should “be used as a cookbook and a guide” to the overthrow of the “System,” using “lone wolf” terrorism, or so says the Lügenpresse.

Where we go, of course, is up to you, for you have taken the first step toward freeing yourself from the Regime, simply by owning this book. By doing so, you are letting (((them))) know, “I am a free man!”

“After all the many editions of Siege—both authorized and unauthorized—this is the first true and authentic one. In the past, these other editions, though they may’ve been welcome, the people who have issued them have put their own spin on them. But this time there’s no spin; it’s all true and authentic.”

—JAMES MASON, author, Siege newsletter

* As we have many non-U.S. customers, it would make prudent sense to investigate whether possessing this book is against the laws of your particular country.