In Black And White

2 DVD box set • 5 hours
1 Blu-ray Disc • 5 hours

(NTSC format. Plays on all computer DVD drives, too.)

In this trailblazing 8-part video series, the first episode introduces Ayo Kimathi & Dave Gahary, who tackle the single greatest danger of our time: organized, international Jewry, and its stranglehold on global power.

Each episode is jam-packed with the latest facts regarding the control Jews exercise in: finance, politics, media, & Big Pharma, as well as the corrosive impact they have on morality & sexual decency. The final episode addresses a solution to this issue that has burdened & imperiled the planet for millennia.

This Hollywood quality production is a must own for anyone who feels there’s something wrong in the world today, but can’t identify the cause of our misfortune.