The Last Battle

4 DVD box set • 13 hours
2 Blu-ray Discs • 13 hours
11 parts, including bonus episode

(NTSC format. Plays on all computer DVD drives, too.)

Rave reviews about Europa: The Last Battle . . .
from the Eternal Enemy!

Europa: The Last Battle is an antisemitic, World War II revisionist film released in 2017 that claims Jews deliberately caused both World Wars—and that Hitler was only trying to save Germany from the Jews—as part of a plot to found the nation of Israel. The film is popular with white supremacists and antisemites, who often use it to recruit new individuals into their hateful ideology.

Europa: The Last Battle . . . a neo-Nazi propaganda film released in 2017 . . . promotes various antisemitic conspiracy theories, claiming that communism was created by Jews with a goal of “total world domination” and that Jews control the world’s money supply. It also engages in historical revisionism to claim that Jews started World War I and II as part of a plot to establish Israel and that they caused Germany’s defeat in World War I, which is commonly referred to as the stab-in-the-back myth. The film also claims Adolf Hitler was fighting against a global Jewish plot.

Yup . . . all true!